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Should you make use of ENVIROKONSULT™ eConsultation Service, you are welcome to pose your enquiry on any environmental issue. Our initial response thereto, or any advice in respect thereof, will be free of charge. Should the matter thereafter, however, require any further action or response by ourselves, we shall liaise with yourself and advise you of our professional fees, alternatively we may agree on our charges for any work to be performed by ourselves.

In order to make use of ENVIROKONSULT™ eConsultation service you are required to set your enquiry(s) in the textbox below, as well as your personal details in the following text boxes. Once you have provided all the information as requested, you can click on the “submit” button where after your details will be sent to our offices via e-mail. We shall respond thereto via e-mail. Should you wish to be contacted in any other manner you are welcome to state this in your e-mail. 

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