ENVIROKONSULT™ Scientific Services (Pty) Ltd

ENVIROKONSULT™ was founded in 1997 and has been dedicated to giving our customers the best possible service and products available ever since. ENVIROKONSULT™ provides professional water management services to a wide range of clients throughout South Africa.  
As a water scarce country, water is the most valuable resource in South Africa. River systems, wetlands, impoundments, lakes and ponds are all an important part of our extraordinary beautiful landscape. Water is not only a necessity for life; it also ehhances the quality of life of the people who live near it. Water should be preserved, treasured and managed to it’s full potential.

Lake and Pond Management

Lake management is a broad term that encompasses a whole range of methodologies, which can be implemented to maintain, improve or rehabilitate a pond or lake’s health, aesthetics and functionality. ENVIROKONSULT™ works with lake owners and interested-and-affected parties, to formulate a holistic plan to address their unique issues and generate solutions without compromising the aquatic environment. We specialise in urban impoundment management as well as the management of smaller lakes and ponds.
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Water Resource Management

Water resource management is the development, distribution and management of the optimum use of water resources. Ideally, water resource management planning give regard to all the competing demands for water and seeks to allocate water on an equitable basis to satisfy all uses and demands. This service of ENVIROKONSULT™ focuses on larger governmental and municipal dams and reservoirs and includes eutrophication management, pollution control, water quality evaluation, aquatic rehabilitation or modification of the catchment in order to achieve the required results.


Aquatic Vegetation Management

ENVIROKONSULT™ is renowned for its Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plans (IAVMPs). We have extensive experience in the scientific design, implementation and operation of aquatic vegetation control and management programmes. We may combine herbicidal, biological, mechanical and physical control strategies into a sound management programme, to control nuisance aquatic vegetation in large dams, rivers, irrigation canals, irrigation dams, power plant water sytems or other infested water bodies.
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Irrigation Canal Maintenance

The irrigation sector and bulk water distributors are invited to make use of our specialist services in the maintenance and management of water conveyance systems. ENVIROKONSULT™ specialises in the implementation of preventative maintenance programmes for the control of algae and aquatic vegetation in canals, the maintenance of canal servitudes as well as the design, implementation and operation of tailor-made water quality monitoring programmes for the irrigation sector to support precision farming and GlobalGAP requirements and certification. Read more ...

Water Quality Monitoring & Evaluation

Water Quality Monitoring & Evaluation

South African waterways are experiencing pollution from many sources. Unreliable sewerage works, industrial effluent and other point sources can contaminate receiving waters with serious consequences for the various water user groups. ENVIROKONSULT'’s scientists monitor pollution in the water environment and design and implement suitable rehabilitation programmes to restore water bodies to its former splendour. We design and implement water quality monitoring networks and investigate environmental disasters, industrial spills and fish kills. Read more ...


Golf Course Pond Management

Most golf course managers experience some sort of problem with the management of their impoundments. Well managed watercourse ponds are a great asset to a golf course, but a neglected pond can be an embarrassment. Problems encountered with golf course ponds range from leakage, water quality problems, excessive growth of algae and other aquatic weeds and high turbidity, to offensive odours. ENVIROKONSULT™‘s Lake Management Programme for Golf Course Ponds is the solution for the professional golf course manager. Read more ...

Fish Management

A healthy and diverse fish population is an important part of creating an environmentally balanced lake. ENVIROKONSULT™ can analyze your needs and provide an appropriate stocking programme. Lakes with weed problems may benefit from our Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plans, utilizing a combination of selective herbicide applications and the possible introduction of Triploid (sterile) Grass Carp, an herbivorous fish incapable to multiply but feeds on aquatic weeds over a long period. ENVIROKONSULT™ can also investigate fish kills and evaluate hatchery conditions for trout farmers.

Dam Wall Maintenance

ENVIROKONSULT™ assist resource engineers with their Dam Safety Inspections by providing the following environmental services in and around dam wall structures: Control of termite infestations and other intrusive animals; erosion control; evaluation of grass cover density; management of invasive brush and tree growth and aquatic vegetation management. Our Dam Safety Environmental Monitoring Service will contribute to the Dam Safety Inspection Report and be a pro-active tool to assist the general maintenance programmes on dam wall structures. Read more ...

Black Fly & Mosquito Control

Ponds and lakes are natural habitats for mosquitoes and black flies. Controlling these pests involves limiting conditions in the habitat that they find most accommodating, such as stagnant water and substrate to breed. We also make use of a range of pesticides and the application of environmentally friendly biological control products. ENVIROKONSULT™ will determine the underlying causes of your pest infestation and develop a management plan to keep these pests under control. Read more ...

Responsible Water Management Essential in a Water Scarce Country
South Africa’s water bodies are under significant pressure from anthropogenic activities. The country’s waterways have become over loaded with high levels of plant nutrients and other pollutants. This enrichment of water bodies with nutrients has lead to many problems associated with the impoundment of water, such as a deterioration in water quality, accelerated aquatic weed and algae growth, foul odours, increase in water purification cost, nuisance vegetation growth in irrigation canals, fish kills and a negative impact on recreation and property value.
A Wide Variety of Water Management Services
ENVIROKONSULT™ specializes in water management programs offering a wide variety of quality services for water bodies ranging from large lake to smaller pond management solutions.  Our services include inter alia limnological lake surveys, water quality surveys and assessments, nutrient and algae monitoring, environmental odour control, eutrophication management, lake restoration and the management of aquatic vegetation and algae.
Satisfied Clients, Our Best Marketing Tool
Over the years ENVIROKONSULT™ has accumulated a large roster of satisfied clients who have benefitted from our water management services, ranging from government departments and municipalities, to smaller lake owners such as home owners associations and golf courses.
Reliable Solutions for the Aquatics Niche Market
To keep a water body in a healthy and ecologic balanced condition, it is necessary to implement and maintain a water management programme scientifically designed by specialists. Based in Pretoria, South Africa, ENVIROKONSULT™ is a full service lake and pond management company that provide sustainable solutions to the aquatic niche market.