About Us

The consultancy:
ENVIROKONSULT™ is a company of professional environmental scientists with a strong focus on the water environment.  The firm operates from offices in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa.  ENVIROKONSULT™ has associations with analytical laboratories as well as with respected tertiary education and research institutions in South Africa.

Our aquatic scientists are also licensed, certified and insured herbicide applicators.  ENVIROKONSULT™ ’s professional team of experienced and knowledgeable aquatic scientists utilize the latest techniques, products and tools to formulate practical management plans to improve, restore and maintain healthy aquatic ecosystems.  With many years of experience in the water environment, our team is equipped to provide specialist expertise in a multi-disciplinary milieu.

Specialists in the water environment:
ENVIROKONSULT™ is recognised as specialists in the monitoring, evaluation and restoration of the water environment.  We specialise in the management of water systems such as impoundments, reservoirs, urban lakes, rivers, canals and other waterways.

Our mission:
The mission of ENVIROKONSULT™ is to provide a professional, cost effective water management service to our clients.

Our clients:
We at ENVIROKONSULT™ are dedicated to working closely with our clients in order to assist them in achieving their goals.  ENVIROKONSULT™ provides services to a large variety of clients, both locally and abroad, 
which include:           

  • National and Regional Government Departments
  • Water and Wastewater Agencies
  • Resource Managment Agencies
  • Water Research Commission (WRC)
  • Metropolitan, City and Town Councils
  • Water User Agencies
  • Irrigation Boards
  • Mining Companies
  • Industry
  • Agricultural Sector